One of the most commonly repeated pieces of advice from our parents and grandparents is to never go outside with wet hair or we’ll end up catching a cold. This piece of advice has been ingrained in our minds so deeply that we often take it as a precautionary measure. However, is there any truth behind this advice? Does going outside with wet hair make us sick? In this article, we’ll discuss the truth behind this widely believed misconception.

The Link between Colds and Going Outside with Wet Hair

The common cold is caused by a viral infection, which spreads from person to person contact or by touching contaminated surfaces. Going outside with wet hair does not cause the cold virus. Many studies have shown that viruses are the main cause of the common cold and flu, and that going outside with wet hair has nothing to do with catching a cold.

common cold
How to prevent catching the common cold.

An article by Harvard Health Publishing stresses that the most effective way to prevent the spread of a cold virus is by washing our hands and avoiding close contact with infected individuals, not by avoiding going outside with wet hair. Experts have testified that it is unlikely to catch a cold virus from just being outside in cold weather without any direct contact with infected individuals.

The Importance of Immune System

The human immune system is very complex, and it is responsible for fighting and defending the human body against infections and diseases. One of the most effective ways to boost our immune system is to lead a healthy lifestyle which includes getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, and regular exercise.

Our immune system constantly protects us from various diseases and infections. However, it is not foolproof, and it is sometimes weakened due to certain factors like stress, poor nutrition, and a lack of sleep. When our immune system is weakened it’s easier for cold and flu viruses to attack us. According to Healthline, “while going outside with wet hair does not directly cause a cold, exposing oneself to cold temperatures – such as sitting in an air-conditioned room or stepping outside on a frigid day – might weaken immunity, making an individual more susceptible to catching a cold virus.”

The Role of Weather in Health

Weather conditions can affect human health in various ways. Extreme cold weather can cause a variety of health problems including hypothermia, which is a dangerous drop in body temperature, and frostbite, which occurs when body tissues freeze.

However, according to Paul Sax, a Harvard Medical School professor, there is no concrete scientific evidence to claim that going outside with wet hair increases the likelihood of getting a cold virus. It is true that severe cold weather conditions can weaken the immune system, but going outside with wet hair alone should not make a person sick. Sax states, “If your body is working fine and your immune system is working fine, then even sure, there is exposure to cold, which might weaken your resistance somewhat, there is absolutely no reason to be concerned that you’re going to get sick.”

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, going outside with wet hair does not make one automatically sick. The common cold is caused by a viral infection and not by going outside with wet hair. Our immune system plays an important role in fighting off infections. To keep it strong we should maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and eating a balanced diet.


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Further Reading:

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3 thoughts on “The Misconception of Going Outside with Wet Hair Making You Sick”
  1. It turns out that our parents and grandparents were not entirely correct when they warned us about going outside with wet hair. While extreme cold weather conditions can weaken our immune system, going outside with wet hair alone should not make us sick. So feel free to flaunt your wet locks, but don’t forget to keep your immune system strong with a healthy lifestyle!

    1. Thank you for sharing this informative insight about the myth of getting sick from going outside with wet hair. It’s good to know that taking care of our immune system with a healthy lifestyle is the key to staying healthy.

  2. There are several ways to boost your immune system and prevent illness. Some of them include:
    1. Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
    2. Getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight
    3. Getting enough sleep every night
    4. Avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
    5. Managing stress through relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga
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