Hi there, thanks for checking out my website, my name is Peter and I’m worried about the sorry state the world is in. If there is one battle I would like to fight it is the enormous amount of fake news, conspiracies and misconceptions that flood the internet. An increasing amount of people limit their news reading to one source, usually on social media. The problem with that is the use of the algorithms in use by these platforms. The sole purpose of these algorithms is to make money and if you seem interested in the idea that the earth is flat, it will provide you with groups, people and posts and seem to confirm that idea.

Why building this blog?

My mission is to discuss these misconceptions and explain why they cannot be true. In the process I also provide some information on the way science should be done. You can find several interesting posts on evidence and critical thinking for instance. Apart from a few more serious misconceptions, like how some people believe in the Deep state or the 5g network is controlling our minds, I also included a few fun or weird misconception, like the idea that dogs can only see in black in white.

Love and hate

I’m not against technology or the internet, I think it is great. I’m am worried about the social media algorithms and the narrow view some people develop. In creating this website I studied many examples of misconceptions and conspiracies. I read several sources, as you should, and drafted the posts. I then used the OpenAI software to support me in writing and making the text more SEO-proof.

Debunk them!

I believe it is important to discuss these topics and show the other side of the misconceptions. So, without further ado, let’s dive in, find the misconceptions and debunk them!